Meet Ann

Ann has always been plagued and blessed by wanting to be and do many things at once—from artist and scientist as a small child to her current vocations of poetry and other creative writing, legal advocacy for Indian tribes, and legal scholarship.  Lately, inspired by poet Brenda Hillman’s advice to embrace one’s dualities, she has been trying to learn to relish all of her internal contradictions and tensions.  She resists categories and finds it hard—and somewhat distasteful—to describe her work.  You could say that in her poetry and essays she seeks to understand and that in her legal work she aims to further justice, but that seems too simple.  Other things she loves to do include exploring nature, traveling, beading, taking pictures, and looking at art. She currently lives with her family and three black cats in Southeastern South Dakota, having recently relocated there from Washington State.

Samples of Ann’s Poems

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Unnatural Selection


newts in amplexus



Interior Architecture

taking stock